Tenant Businesses

Anchor and Iron Social Club, Suite 4223

Anchor & Iron Social Club | Tattoo & Piercing/Medical Supply, Tattoo Networking Ground

675 Metropolitan Parkway, Suite 4223

Atlanta, GA 30310

(678) 598-1571 | (470) 428-6372 | (321) 663-5172

Website anchorandironsocialclub

Anchor & Iron Social Club is a tattoo supply company distributing top of the line products at affordable prices and revolutionizing the industry. Our extensive inventory includes everything from medical supplies and barriers, piercing needles and clamps, stencils, gloves and medical supplies, cartridges and grips, needles, tubes, the highest quality inks, and much, much more.

With a flagship store in Atlanta, a convenient catalog of our top sellers, and highly knowledgeable staff we offer an unparalleled experience.

danger press logo

DangerPress | Screen Printing & Embroidery

675 Metropolitan Parkway SW, Suite 6020

Atlanta, GA 30310

(404) 954-6627


We started our business in Atlanta, GA in the Fall of 2004. We needed high-end, high-quality screen printing and were unable to find local printers in Atlanta to do the calibre of work we were seeking. After a few years and much trial and error, we learned how to achieve the work we wanted. Today we focus on work in the arts, entertainment, and music industries. We also do a lot of work for artists needing posters or clothing lines.

Our clients often come to us with unique but ambitious marketing ideas that other screen printers have told them are impossible. We take pride in being able to offer them solutions.

We enjoy what we do because it allows us to work with other artists. After years of experience as a screen printer we’re able to educate our clients on how to bring their work to the marketplace.

mutiny logo

Mutiny Artwrx | Art Studio & Gallery

675 Metropolitan Parkway, Suite 1096

Atlanta, GA 30310

(404) 202-5517


Mutiny Artwrx is the largest FOR PROFIT art collective. We offer artists opportunities to create and collaborate as well as sell and further their brand. Mutiny Artwrx’s objective is to further the evolution of the art world and break artisans out of a “starving artist” mentality by providing a collective one-stop-shop to maximize the profits of artists through our for-profit organization.

Aren’t you tired of the outdated mentality that you and your small business aren’t supposed to make money?  We call bull on it too.  Mutiny offers the artist a place to work, learn, network, sell and much more.

Within our 75,000 square foot studio space, we offer membership packages for every kind of artist and retail space in our Mutiny Gallery and Stores on the Beltline, Westside Market and Direct Furniture.